Why is the name flying grasshopper?

Flint on a white background 2 smaller
Flying grasshoppers are both grounded and free to fly.  They only move forward, and symbolically they represent putting your dreams into action.
The Flying Grasshopper Center offers well-being arts training and sessions, and ongoing practice and skills development groups for students.

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Flying Grasshopper Energy Center (FGEC) is here for you, your education, well-being, personal growth, and especially to support you in your connection to your heart’s desire.
Services are offered to both pets and people.  FGEC is the home of the personal development coaching program, Be A Flying Grasshopper!, which is designed to help you move forward to your goals and soul’s purpose.
A wide range of magical and well-being arts training and sessions, personal coaching, and guest speaker events are available, as well as FGEC’s ongoing offerings, which are individual sessions and certificate training programs in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®), and animal communication.


To support individuals and practitioners exploring an energy-based journey through learning and experiencing energetic techniques and training.


Learn about FGEC’s services for pets and people.
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