Intermediate Animal Communication Class

Intermediate Level Class – Animal Communication

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This event takes place at Flying Grasshopper Energy Center.


What do we do?

At each class, you will have an opportunity to

  • learn new techniques and develop your animal communication skills
  • join a FaceBook community of kindred spirits working on the intermediate level
  • work on assignments designed to exercise your intuition
  • one-to-one time with Linda
  • receive readings for your animal friends
  • achieve an intermediate certificate in animal communication

In addition, a select team of students who have completed the intermediate level will be invited to do readings at the Natural Living Expo with Linda in November.

What’s the prerequisite?

Attendance in the regional in-person group sessions is a great way to develop your skills.  Students who have attended Linda Saraco’s animal communication class, Integrating Foundational Techniques, are welcome to apply to the intermediate program.  All of Linda’s students are welcome to attend the practice groups.  The additional assignments and opportunities are the benefits and requirements of the intermediate certificate program.

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Registration for the intermediate program is open to all of Linda Saraco’s animal communication students.

Who leads the group?

Joyce Linda Saraco with Mica and Maizy


Linda Saraco teaches animal communication and leads this learning and practice group.

Read Linda’s Bio.


How does the intermediate program differ from the practice groups?

The practice group and the intermediate certificate program are connected.  In addition to participating in practice groups, students enrolled in the intermediate program will have specific assignments to complete to receive a certificate.   You can pursue an intermediate certificate at your own pace.  The practice groups are ongoing.

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Learn how to teach animal communication

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