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Prerequisites: Completion of the Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level class.

Description: This class is the next step in the Integrated Energy Therapy® trainingIET INTERMEDIATE logo system, and it builds on all of the knowledge and techniques learned in the Basic Level training.  This class expands upon both the depth and the breadth of the Basic Level techniques through the intermediate attunement and through the release technique.

Attunement: You will receive the IET® “energy attunement” that will deepen your connection.  You will have the ability to pull the physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints out of the human energy field.

Release:  You will learn the IET®  technique that allows you to clear even more difficult energy blockages in the human energy field. As part of this training, you will also be taught to feel and interpret energy blockages and identify the level (physical, emotional, mental, or karmic) that the energy blockages occur.

Class Length: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Class Materials: You will receive a fully illustrated 26-page IET® Intermediate Level Guide and an Intermediate Level Certificate.

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Linda Saraco is a Master Integrated Energy Therapy® Instructor.  She has successfully completed all advanced studies and offers training and personalized sessions for animals and people.


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IET is never a substitute for professional medical care.

Custom Class Flavors:  You can take the Intermediate level class in one of two ways, contact the instructor for a custom class.

  1. Intermediate Entire Class: As a stand-alone complete one-day class. The intermediate level certificate is given upon completion.
  2. Intensive (Basic & Int & Adv): As part of a three-day “Intensive” class, which offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced to the same set of students, allowing an accelerated format. All three levels must be taken. Three certificates are given upon completion.

Contact instructor to arrange custom class (978) 799-7408 /

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