Services for Pets

Services for pets – Sessions, programs and training

Every service is energetic.  That means your animal friend can be anywhere in the world and receive these services.  This type of energy work is not limited by distance.

Energy Sessions & Programs

IET, Reiki, IARC, Customized Energy, and animal communication



Animal Communication – Want to ask you pet a question or build a stronger bond through communication?  Read about an animal communication session.


“Linda absolutely nailed my cat’s personality and was able to give me information and descriptions of household stuff that would have been impossible for her to know beforehand. I was actually able to learn a few things about myself as well.  I have a habit I never knew I had until my cat told Linda about it. Since pointed out, I’m shocked at how often I’ve caught myself doing it. I can’t believe the little things our pets pick up on! She made the entire experience so natural and comfortable. My cats behavior after our last appointment is totally different, and we really have grown even closer. I’m amazed”   Kristin O.
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Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) – Uses the healing energy of the angels to release energy blockages.   Distant session.  Get the issues out of your tissues for good!  learn more.


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Reiki – Is a gentle healing art that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself, promotes relaxation and is known to enhance your animal friend’s well-being.  Distant session.


Final logo INTUNE ARC IARCInTune ARC (IARC) Energy Program – Whether your animal friend has fins, wings, paws or hooves – if he or she is troubled by their past – the IARC program may be for you.  LEARN more about this 6-week distant program and read participant’s experiences.


“I had the good pleasure of working with Linda recently with her IARC Program for one of my felines, Little.  During the six week program, Little received weekly Reiki sessions and dialogued with Linda about her life as well as areas she would like to improve upon, namely, social engagement with the other cats in the household.  I was blown away by the depth of the program, the insight and wisdom that Linda shared and the powerful healing effects of the Reiki on Little’s behavior and demeanor.  Little’s progress included a display of less stress and anxiety, better relationships with the other members of the family and a stronger sense of confidence.  The communications that came through each week were heartwarming, and beyond anything, I would have expected.  Linda’s character and level of professionalism were very apparent in working with her.  She is astute, wise, loving and easy to work with.  I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to develop a deeper bond with the animals in their life and to assist the animals with healing whether it be on a physical, mental or emotional level.
Thank you, Linda!  Little and I are huge fans of your work and Little already misses the sacred time she spent with you each week.”  Rebecca Kirson, Your Sacred Truth,


Training and Certificate Programs


Testimonial for animal communication classes and practice groups

“I signed up for Linda’s Animal Communication Class for the obvious reasons:  I love animals and wanted to know the “secret” to communicate with them.  With Linda’s expertise in this area, I discovered that we all have the ability to communicate with animals; living or deceased!  How wonderful a discovery is that?  To be able to connect once again with that beloved pet from your childhood?  Or to discover how to solve an issue with a pet living with you?  I’ll let you know; it’s fabulous!  It’s eye-opening and exhilarating.  I would not have been opened up to this wonderful world without Linda’s extensive animal communication experience.  Yet, she not only is a great communicator with animals but is also a fantastic teacher.  Not everyone can do both, or do it so seamlessly.  I highly recommend taking Linda’s classes on Animal Communication.  If there were such an honor as a Ph.D. in this subject, Linda would have it!  She IS the modern day Dr. Doolittle. ”  Lilli W., Hampstead, NH


There is a wide range of animal focuses courses and certificate programs, study and practice groups which run regularly for you to attend at Flying Grasshopper Energy Center and other locations.  Additionally, animal specialists are invited to speak.  These guest speaker programs are listed on the calendar of events page.

Group and private class are available seven days a week.  Our Master instructor offers ongoing training, which includes a student guide and a certificate, for these courses –

  1. Flint on a white background 2 smallerAnimal Communication (classes and practice groups)
    • Animal communication Basic, Advanced, and Master Instructor
  2. Healing your pets the past (prereq. Reiki II) In this course, we will review the Reiki power symbols for physical (Reiki I) and emotional (Reiki II) healing, and the Reiki II steps to send energy back to a particular developmental stage, known trauma, or life circumstance.  This course focuses on dogs and cats however the process easily adapts for use with horses and other types of animals.
  3. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) Courses –Basics, intermediate & advanced and the For Pets course.
  4. Reiki training with animal focus (Learn Reiki I and II) 
  5. Intune ARC Certificate Program (student application will be posted in June 2019)

About Linda Saraco

About Linda Saraco is a Reiki Master Teacher (2000), certified Small Animal Massage provider from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy (2004), holistic dog groom, animal communicator and she developed a form of bodywork for dogs (InTune Groom 2005) and a six-week healing an animal’s past program (IARC 2016).   She is an Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) Master Instructor and teaches the IET for Pets course.  She has appeared on the TV show Chronical for her work with animals.  Linda specializes in teaching and adult learning theory.  

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