Magically Empower Your Goals

magical new year wish

Empower your goals!

In this workshop, you will learn and practice techniques to solidify and boost your goals. Some of the techniques you will learn about include working magic with the help of the moon, using color and candle magic. Through meditation, you will be guided to see and feel your goal as already manifested.

Based on the magical ways we cover, you will leave this class with your goal defined in forward-moving language, a personalized action plan, and a specially prepared candle.

Where is this workshop?

Flying Grasshopper Energy Center
25 B Stow Road
Boxborough, MA 
(978) 799-7408
from 1:00 – 3:00 PM EST



This class will be held at Flying Grasshopper Energy Center in Boxborough, MA.

June 9, 2019, IET Advanced

Register for IET Advanced on June 9th meeting at Flying Grasshopper Energy Center. The early bird discount (below) ends on May 30th.



Who’s teaching this workshop?

             Linda Saraco

Linda Saraco (white background)Linda specializes in adult learning and coaching.  She loves to help others solidify their goals and learn techniques to empower them towards living life beyond their imagination.  She has practiced magical techniques for over 20 years.  Living magically, working with energy and the elements is her everyday way of life.  The majority of her formal magical education was with Christopher Penczak.  Linda is a certified herbalist and works with plants, essential oil and flower essence.